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Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

July 17, 2007

No, I’ve never heard the expression, “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.” Is that something you learned at Harvard?

And what do you mean you learned this valuable life lesson when developing Facebook’s business plan?


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg

July 17, 2007

Do you need an evangelist? My resume is below:




To all the haterz

July 12, 2007

I make six figures and have an ownership stake in a startup. How many people in Silicon Valley can say that?

I have 2200 Facebook Friends, But no real ones

July 11, 2007

I have 2200 Facebook friends but none of them know me. Like everyone else I have feelings that I hide under this brusque exterior. You think it’s hard to get excited about your job? I have to say great things about Adobe,  Seagate and Sun all the time. And it doesn’t pay that good. Instead of sending Patrick to a summer camp, I have to take him “urban camping.” Hell, I can’t even afford a haircut for the kid.

So I try to keep busy, go to parties, find people who want to talk to me. But they don’t want to talk to Robbie, they want to talk to the Scobleizer. In two years there will be someone new.  I know this. There will no longer be drunk fat bearded guys slapping me on the back while making ReadWriteWeb jokes, nor hot young startup PR flacks for me to make awkward passes at. I am even sadder knowing that I have no talent or skill to fall back on when this days comes.

No one sees the tears of a shill.

Call me 425-205-1921

I have found another way to be relevant!!!!!1!!!

July 10, 2007

Marc Andreeson is a brilliant man. Smart, funny — he has a presence as huge as his wave of unruly, unkept golden locks which tumble off his shoulders like Fabio. He has done brilliant things in the world…. he invented Ning! which has made a billion Brazilian dollars.

How do I fit in? Well apart from being a successful entrepreneur myself (See Wikipedia for a complete list of the company’s I have founded, funds I have stated, etc. ), I have experience at the senior levels of huuuge technology companies. (like my current experience as VP-level management at PodTech). Therefore I am the best person to moderate comments about such postings related to getting VC money and turning around an S&P 500 company. I mean who not better than me to moderate and disucss these topics? I have met many people who have done this!!!!!1!!!

Anyway, this represents a great way to draw traffic to my blog, which has withered ever since the fourth podcast of me shampooing Jon Schwartz’s ponytail.

Do you live in Rohnert Park?

July 9, 2007

The guys in the fabulous Adobe AIR bus have told me that we’re making an unscheduled stop in Rohnert Park for repairs. Evidently the bus is pretty unsafe and we all have to walk a half-mile away from it for a half-hour and then meet back later and re-board.

It’s too bad, because this trip has been a blast!!!1!! I’ve been taking calls from pownce/jaiku/twitter friends (425-205-1921). most of the Adobe guys seem impressed about how many friends I have. Everytime I take a call they roll their eyes as if they can’t believe how many calls I get.

Anyway if you live in Rohnert Park and are interested in see the web rendering differences between the Nokia N95  and the iPhone give me a call and we can meet and chat!!1!!

Jesus Christ!!1! I have nothing better to do than to go to the Apple store every goddamn day!!!!1!!

July 8, 2007


Have I mentioned Maryam yet today?

July 6, 2007

No? Are you sure?

On my way home

July 6, 2007

I’m going to be driving for the next ten minutes. If you want to chat call me on my cell phone: 425-205-1921.

Live-blogging my trip to 7-11

July 6, 2007

I have a serious hankering for a Slurpee and Ho-Hos. So I thought I’d live blog my trip to 7-11. Anyone else want anything?

Thanks for all the support for my trip to 7-11. yes, we live in wonderful times. For some reason my Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce accounts don’t have full integrated Geotagging technologies. Get on it Boys!

UPDATE: Mission Accomplished. I’m heading home with a Slurpee, Ho-hos and 20 hot dogs for Marc Canter. Speaking of Marc Canter, the only guy who loves 7-11 hot dogs more than him is this guy.