I have found another way to be relevant!!!!!1!!!

Marc Andreeson is a brilliant man. Smart, funny — he has a presence as huge as his wave of unruly, unkept golden locks which tumble off his shoulders like Fabio. He has done brilliant things in the world…. he invented Ning! which has made a billion Brazilian dollars.

How do I fit in? Well apart from being a successful entrepreneur myself (See Wikipedia for a complete list of the company’s I have founded, funds I have stated, etc. ), I have experience at the senior levels of huuuge technology companies. (like my current experience as VP-level management at PodTech). Therefore I am the best person to moderate comments about such postings related to getting VC money and turning around an S&P 500 company. I mean who not better than me to moderate and disucss these topics? I have met many people who have done this!!!!!1!!!

Anyway, this represents a great way to draw traffic to my blog, which has withered ever since the fourth podcast of me shampooing Jon Schwartz’s ponytail.


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