I have 2200 Facebook Friends, But no real ones

I have 2200 Facebook friends but none of them know me. Like everyone else I have feelings that I hide under this brusque exterior. You think it’s hard to get excited about your job? I have to say great things about Adobe,  Seagate and Sun all the time. And it doesn’t pay that good. Instead of sending Patrick to a summer camp, I have to take him “urban camping.” Hell, I can’t even afford a haircut for the kid.

So I try to keep busy, go to parties, find people who want to talk to me. But they don’t want to talk to Robbie, they want to talk to the Scobleizer. In two years there will be someone new.  I know this. There will no longer be drunk fat bearded guys slapping me on the back while making ReadWriteWeb jokes, nor hot young startup PR flacks for me to make awkward passes at. I am even sadder knowing that I have no talent or skill to fall back on when this days comes.

No one sees the tears of a shill.

Call me 425-205-1921


One Response to “I have 2200 Facebook Friends, But no real ones”

  1. Michael Says:

    (fake) Scoble: I don’t see how that AMAZING video of you reading hundreds of feeds at once, or looking like Glen from The Tom Green Show hasn’t made you more popular offline.

    Wait, nevermind. You suck, Scoble.

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