Chopped liver

That’s what this makes me feel like. I guess my interview didn’t go as well as I hoped. I featured all my great management skills and highlighted all my previous P&L experience. Seriously, why won’t these guys hire me. I’m asexual, that should help their diversity.

Anyway, Furrier sucks. The fat bearded guy who yells at everyone and whose breath reeks of onion sucks. The “web prophet” sucks. (Side note: how can he be a web prophet, if his best job was working at PodTech.) I can’t wait to leave this place….


3 Responses to “Chopped liver”

  1. aw Says:

    ok i’ve heard of you before mr. fake scoble but never visited your blog before today. i haven’t laughed this hard in a long, long time (hehe). you’re number one sir.

  2. Prophet expert Says:

    You don’t have to excel in what you do to be a prophet, you just have to be there to predict the forecoming of Web Messiah to qualify as a Web Prophet.

  3. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Funny, fake Robert.

    No one gets the connection between my given name and the biblical joke, but good stuff

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